Redbrand Hideout - Part 2


The party enters a large cavern and befriends a Nothic “Steve” by feeding him barrels of salted meat. He shows “Alfred” a treasure chest containing Talon + healing potions.
“Steve” points the party to the Northern most passage on the west of the cavern after being asked the way to Glassstaff.
At the end of the passage the party takes the southern door after hearing a group of drunks playing a game. Zrroth decides to charge in recklessly (+ insp) and a split party just about takes down the redbrands after some health potion juggling.
The party heads further south and at the next room finds the bugbears bullying a goblin. The bugbears tell the players to go away, being in the red cloaks the bug bears assume they are redbrands. Alfred decides to attack (+insp), after a warning of “are you sure?”. A roll some 2 1’s on damage and some poor attack rolling results in the bugbears dieing rather easily.
The goblin, named Droop, tells the party the way to glass staff but doesn’t know the way to the castle. He hands some players a few pretty rocks and some string, and rummages under a bed and comes out with a health potion.
The party heads north into a wizards workshop, a rat watches them enter and scurries away, the party deduce they were trying to make invisibility potions but so far unsuccessful. Tithar decides to urinate in the equipment and causes an explosion, which he dodges away from, but destroys all the equipment.
The party enters the next room, after hearing a feint click in the room beyond, to see a secret door open and the room empty. Cora follows and sees “Steve” trying to stop Glassstaff from escaping. She goes back to warn the party and Owain and Alfred give chase.
In the room the party find some scrolls and health potions, and a letter from the Black Spider ordering Iarno (Glassstaff’s real name) to ambush and capture the dwarf and any friends.
They eventually decide to try to give chase but where not successful in catching up in time.
Meanwhile, Owian and Alfred are locked in a battle to try to stop him from escaping. Glasstaff first of all, holds “Steve” and then charms “Alfred”. He fails a hold person on Owain and Owain catches up to him eventually and tackles him to the ground. Alfred, charmed, pulls Owain off Glassstaff, who sensing a chance to escape, teleports 30ft to the exit and manages to dodge a volley of projectiles from the rest of the party who just about catch up in time.

The session ends with Glassstaf escaping the hideout and all the other Redbrands dead.



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