Redbrand Hideout - Part 1


After interrogating the surviving redbrand. He tells them Glass staff is the leader, and the black spider is giving order to the redbrands in the area to frighten off adventures and intimidate locals.
He doesn’t know the way to Cragmaw castle and is new to the area after being brought in as a mercenary. The party let him go and he escapes the town.

The party enter the hideout and investigates the first room, spending some time looking at the cistern but not seeing anything. They investigate the room to the west and Owain tries to deceive a group of redbrands as the party is wearing red cloaks. They are having none of the deception and a fight breaks out. The party deals with the redbrands, and a few head off to investigate the north door. They proceed down the corridor and a few party members fall down a pit trap, they come to so double doors at the end of the corridor. On opening the door, the room large with some skeletons standing next to three sarcophagi, the party kills the skeletons and exit through the north door. The party comes to a locked door at the end of the corridor and on unlocking and entering they come to what appears to be an armoury. After looting the room they go back the the skeleton room and open the door leading west.

Cora notices two swords overhanging the door way, as two humans are trying to ambush anyone trying to enter the room. Cora attacks as does the rest of the party and the redbrands are killed.

They find some captives in this room. They are Thel Dendras wife and children. They free them and let them go, Mirna lets them know of an heirloom buried in thundertree in an herb/alchemy shop.

The party goes back to the north and starts searching for secret doors, they find one in the north west corner and open this.

Session ends.



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