Entering Phandalin

The party enters Phandalin with Sildar Hallwinter and he suggests finding lodgings at a local inn.

The party go to the inn and after some eating, drinking and bardic music the party learns the following;

  • The Redbrands are causing problems in the town.
  • Thel Dendrar, a local wood carver, was murdered by the Redbrands and now his family is missing.
  • There is a former adventurer in town, Daran Eldermath
  • The Redbrands are hassling every business apart from the miners exchange.
  • Qelline Alderleaf maybe able to help with the search for the castle.

Cuthbert, Cora and Lindmir go off to see Quelline;

  • She tells them that the druid Reidoth would know the location of the castle, he was last seen in Thundertree. She gives them directions.
  • Cora hands Quelline some money.
  • She offers the party somewhere to stay.

The party drops the cart back to Barthens Provisions.

  • He lets them know of the Redbrand problem
  • He tells the party he hasnt see the other Rockseeker brothers for a tenday orso, but expects to see them soon.
  • He gives the party 10GP.

The party goes back to the inn and rests for the night.

In the morning the party visits the town hall. Silder tells them of his investigations into Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek and the town major tells the party of problems with orcs raiding around Wyvern Tor.

The party visits the Miners Exchange and meets Halia Thornton. She also mentions the Redbrand problem and offers 100gp to clear out the Redbrands and bring her any correspondence.

The party learns that the Redbrands hang out at the Sleeping Giant Tavern. They decide to visit, but Tithar is told to go away and he is not welcome when trying to enter alone.

The entire party shows up this time, and the party enters after ignoring insults from the Redbrands.

A fight breaks out and they tie up the one surviving Redbrand.



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