Goblin Arrows

Gundren Rockseer has hired you to take a wagonload of supplies to Barthen’s Provisions in the rough and tumble frontier town of Phandalin. You will receive 10GP from Barthen when you arrive with the wagon. You all have your own reasons for wanting to visit Phandalin as well, in addition to the money. Gundren left ahead of you on horse with his partner Sildar Hallwinter in order to get to Phandalin quickly to “take care of some business”.

About half a day after turning east onto the Triboar Trail off of the High Road, you notice two dead horses ahead with arrows stuck in their sides. They are the horses of Gundren and Sildar. They have been dead about a day. You notice the saddlebags were looted and there was an empty map case laying on the ground.

4 Goblins fail to ambush the party and they get soon are wiped out.

The party discovers a trail going into the woods and on following it and avoiding/falling into a few traps the party found the goblin cave.

Inside the cave you found Sildar being held hostage by a group of 8 goblins, a fight broke out and the chief Goblin pushed Sildar off a ledge. You heal up Sildar and after interrogating him and another goblin you discover that Gundren was taken to Cragmaw Castle. Neither knew the way to the castle.
The goblin knew that the goblins where ordered by Klaarg (Big Hairy, pointy ears) on the request of “The black spider” to take the dwarf hostage.

The session ends with the party returning to the cart and heading onto Phandalin.

Sildar tells you he was escorting Gundren but heading to Phandalin at the Lord’s Alliance request to find out what happened to Iarno, whom being sent ahead earlier has not reported in and gone missing.



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